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Run, manage and scale your microservices without the need for large DevOps teams.

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Build and Deploy

Dome allows developers to take Dockerized microservices and deploy them in Dome's fully managed Platform as a Service (PaaS)


Dome is the first Platform as a Service designed to scale without limits by leveraging the power of Kubernetes.

Intelligent Autoscaling

Set and forget autoscaling of resources to meet the dynamic needs of your microservices.

Effeciency at Scale

Current microservices deployed to PaaS become unaffordable at scale. Dome is designed to stay efficient as you scale.

Security as a Priority

Ensure uptime, protect data integrity, and meet the security and compliance standards for mission-critical workloads.

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Dome is built to be aware of each service's requirements and aims to be at optimal utilization at all times, resulting in lower costs while remaining nimble enough to respond to bursts of high traffic.

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More dev, less ops

Start today and scale to millions with Dome
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Your favorite frameworks

  • Ruby on Rails

  • Django

  • Node.js

Your favorite databases

  • Postgres

  • MongoDB

  • Redis

Transparent Pricing

No cryptic bills, one simple price for all your compute resources